February 23, 2010

Big Mini

I showed Mrs AC this commercial and asked her what it was selling, without hesitation she said "a lifestyle...". She did not notice it was for a 4 door Mini nor did she particularly care. It's a Mini Cooper, she said and it's cool. Score one for the Mini marketing department!

This new 4 door Countryman is perhaps not quite as "pretty" as the previous two and a half door version but it makes a lot more sense. Since it carries more dogs, children and pineapples than the Mini, should it be called the Midi?



  1. To me its; WTF ARE YOU DOING WITH MINI??!?!?!?!?

    Looks like a ugly Jeep mixed with that ugly Honda..

  2. I think its great. I drove an MC40 Edition Cooper S for three years and I think they've done a sweet job of making a more practical car, while also keeping the brand values of small and fun intact. Keep in mind that this thing is still shorter than a VW GTi so you can't exactly call it huge.

    I'm seriously interested in one as a great car for here in Colorado. You know it'll drive well so suddenly you have a Mini that you can take skiing, camping, rallying dirt roads, etc.

    The other cool thing they've done is create the coupe/roadster duo for the opposite end of the spectrum, people who just want a hardcore hot hatch.

  3. Funny you should mention that, the first thing I noticed was that the roof line is very close to that of that Mini "Coupe" thing

  4. The last time people requested a larger Mini, we got the "Austin Maxi"

    Like the convertible, they will sell millions of this "Countryman"

  5. hmm how long before we get a "Mini Cooper SUV"?


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