January 11, 2010

USF1: Efficiency and Rumors

USF1 is rumored to have asked for special dispensation from participating in the first four races of the 2010 season, only joining the crowd once the series makes it's way back to Europe. Peter Windsor almost immediately denied this but confirmed the team has in fact asked for and was granted by the FIA, two extra days of testing.

"It is an example of how the FIA and the teams have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome." Windsor claims, though one wonders where these rumors are coming from. One might also wonder why if, as Windsor has repeatedly claimed, working in the US in much more efficient than in the UK, the team needs extra testing days.

USF1 has just now hired a team manager and has yet to come up with drivers though they did release a video of a nose cone (not a toaster) being crash tested in the UK. Best of luck to them, hope they make the grid in Bahrein.

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  1. Yeah, any FSAE team can make such a nose and crash it on a drop test bench.


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