January 6, 2010

Robby Gordon Wins a Dakar Stage!

Robby Gordon won the 4th Dakar Rally stage today. The Rally is now over the Andes into Chile from Argentina, Gordon in his Monster Energy Hummer Baja truck was one single second faster than Rally leader Stephane Peterhansel in a BMW Diesel X3 and four Tiguan shaped VW trucks...



  1. Meh, He'll probably get disqualified again for doing something stupid.
    Like, you know, how he does in every other racing series he's been in, even last year's baja 500.

  2. AC-Touareg not Tiguan. : ) The Dakar always impresses me.

  3. Didn't they switch the name plate, last year? In any case, none of these cars are what they say they are, not the Hummer and not the VW, Not even the X3 is anything like an ...x3. :)

  4. Very true AC, nothing like the showroom car.


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