January 29, 2010

Mclaren MP4-25: Team Britain's Weapon Against Stupid Questions

Wow, Mclaren may have already won the 2010 coolest looking car war, never mind the rest. From a first quick look, like the Ferrari, long wheelbase and an extremely "empty" rear diffuser area. Mclaren, differently from Ferrari have their exhaust up and over towards the back, one of the most recognizable characteristics of the MP4-25 along with the 2009 style dorsal fin. The look to have chosen a Toyota style rear wing with no central support and notice the interesting scoop like structure under the nose.

As far as the presentation, I cannot believe some of the questions asked, I understand that the intramural rivalry between the two British world champions will be for low hanging fruit for journalists but, c'mon you tell me if this is the kind of question to ask at a launch... note that many questions were along that line and I thought both drivers handled themselves very well under the barrage.

(© Mclaren)

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  1. Are they up with something new? Look at the rear of the car "NO photographs please"

  2. Amazing looking car, dumbass question, good response and Santander sponsoring McLaren & Ferrari. Interesting!

  3. If you read James Allens blog, it says that the MP4-25 is sporting an "extreme" double diffuser, so thats what they are hiding!

    It is a very dorky question but thats just typical of british press, making a story out of nothing. Good response from JB, he hit that out the grounds for 6 IMO!

  4. Hmm. Aside from the brilliant pewter livery, I haven't been quite the same fan of the most recent two McLaren entries. In fact, I thought last year's car looked awfully bulbous in the center, especially from the front.

    The 25 looks a bit better, but I still think there was something about the minimal F60 that has carried across to the F10 . . . which continues to evoke GP cars of the late 60's and early 70's.

    I will admit I'm no fan of the Flash Gordon Shark Fins on the airboxes . . . no matter whose car we're talking about.

  5. If it proves reliable, this car will win this year's championship by miles. I have to call it.


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