January 27, 2010

Caymans are for Hippies!

Remember, a few days back we had an article about the Porsche Caymans race cars with their historic liveries? Tough to choose a favorite there but we really like the psychedelic "hippie" Martini & Rossi colors seen at Le Mans in 1970.

For the Porsche Interseries they are on Jim Bacus' car and after the jump we get a chance to ride along with him at Sebring as he scraps with another "Martini" car. Big bonus: as the Interseries runs alongside the HSR series, there are some fantastic looking and sounding cars popping up during the video. Check out the Lola T70 and Ford GT40 at around the 10 minute mark or the tire shredding TransAm (or Camaro, I can never tell) a little later on... and yes, you knew that was going to happen to it.

Hats off to Jim and the other Cayman Interseries guys, looks like you are having a blast. Gentlemen, you are true Tracktards, cheers!
more video and pictures---->

The Hippie Cayman getting wrapped...is that a blow torch???

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  1. The idea of using the "Hippie"-style livery on a modern Porsche was conceived by one of the Manthey teams in the VLN endurance series at the Nurburgring. Six years ago they adapted the design, inspired by and in homage to 917-043, for a 996 Cup car. Since '07, they have used it for a 997 Cup car. In Germany theirs is a well-known car.
    This Cayman is simply a knock-off of their car. The modern "Hippie" Cup car is here:


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