January 10, 2010

Cars I'd like to drive one day, part XXVII...

Tell me this does not look like a fun challenge: a Caterham R500 on a cold december day, 265hp, 1100 lbs... track is not crowded and there are no safety nazis warning giving you "excess of oversteer" warnings.

Clip is from Italy's Track4Fun.com, trackday organizers and now also official Caterham importers. Great commercial for your product guys!

And...yes It doesn't always work out perfectly.... and it certainly isn't the fast way around, but it sure looks fun.


  1. Most controllable car on the limit ever.

    That's linear distribution of mass for you. Thanks Chapman.

  2. LOL! Looks like they need to do a little setup work on that car... ;)

  3. At first its hard to tell whether its a bad setup or maybe he's giving it a little too much throttle (experience) but then you can tell that he's doing it on purpose.

    Im not sure....

  4. I'd say that if you're getting massive oversteer on corner entry off throttle, mid-corner at neutral throttle and exit on even a hint of positive throttle (and you're missing 75% of your apexes as a result), you've got a problem with your setup. ;) He was having to stay off of any real acceleration until the thing was going completely straight! Certainly entertaining to watch, but would be frustrating as hell to drive...

  5. I think he's just having fun with a cold track and a too stiff rear. I don't think setting a fast time ever entered his mind on those laps.....

    I guess that's why they named the company Track4Fun :)

  6. Well AC, if you pop down here to Australia we might be able to get you a few laps in my PRB (basically the same as a Caterham but Aussie built and developed).

    Within a month I'll be up to about 230bhp (reboring the stroked Toyota 4AGE to 1950cc and refreshing some innards for the season starting in late Feb).


  7. AC, if you are ever down in the Bay Area you have an invitation to try out WCM Ultralite. Its a Seven clone that weigh 1300 lbs and has the 240 bhp S2000 motor giving it a power to weight ratio of over 400 bhp/ton


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