January 28, 2010

2010 Ferrari F10 Presentation and 599 Hybrid Announcement!

Here is what the 2010 Formula one contender from Maranello will look like presented on a snowy morning in Maranello Very long, with echos of the 2009 Red Bull in the nose and a striking forward position of the exhaust compared to the rear axle, a feature which will probably be common on this year's cars because of the new emphasis on extremely clean rear end packaging (and of course the need to accommodate a larger fuel cell) . The very high long nose suggests an even more crucial importance of airflow behavior between the front wing and the car's main body. Track looks wider in the front as well.

In his speech, Luca di Montezemolo emphasized Ferrari wants to lead a new Formula 1 with a more direct technology transfer to road cars ("not space technology, real world tecnology") and though Formula 1 just did away with KERS he promised an increasing effort towards sustainable efficiency from Ferrari as a whole. With that he announced Ferrari will show a 599 Hybrid prototype at the Geneva Motor Show, a model destined for production in the near future.

Montezemolo also emphasized what is also going to be a major theme of the 2010 Formula 1 season, clearly defined national rivalries. If Mercedes is Team Germany and Mclaren will be Team UK, Ferrari will be team Italy/Latin. Latin drivers, of course, Massa and Alonso but also the technical staff, Domenicali, Costa, Luca Marmorini back in the team as head of engine design, Nik Tombazis, "..ok, he's Greek but he's Italian now.." said LdM.

The video after the jump is sketchy...internet was understandably overloaded...


  1. Dame it's much longer! Are they trying to do what RB did last year by having the nose higher than usual?

  2. I should have read the post before posting any comment -.-

  3. It's much longer mostly because of the larger fuel tank. I also suspect there is an attempt to make the rear as ''empty''as possible to increase the efficiency of the double diffuser. I imagine centering the mass will also be a concer this season with all the extra weight at the start.

  4. How will that lower rear wing be? are they trying to get more air to those diffusers or to get the back down as much as possible when the weight starts to disappear?

    Do you think that moste of the teams will be going for the higher nose giving them more air to the rear? The biggest problem this year is, what you say the extra weight. Longer and giving the center "shoulders" would do it?

  5. I think you should pay little attention to the front and rear wings until Friday in Bahrain! :)


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