December 15, 2009

Schumacher drives a Mercedes

Formula 1 is desperate for a positive storyline and it might strike some as desperate for F1 to be looking back to Michael Schumacher for redemption. Without a doubt, the return of a seven time world champion would be the story of the 2010 season (as might be his failure to live up to enormous expectations).

Events are apparently snowballing, it will be interesting one day to learn the back story: Schumacher's neck is OK in December but it was not in August? What really was behind that?
Soon after that failed return, Schumacher signed a consultancy deal with Ferrari yet at events since he has showed up dressed in non Ferrari colors (usually in the white and green TonyKart colors).

Now Luca Di Montezemolo states Ferrari would not necessarily stand in the way of a Schumacher-Mercedes deal and Schumacher was conspicuously absent from the yearly Ferrari Christmas party.

One wonders about Ferrari's quest for a third car, the rumors of how Michael's retirement after 2006 came about, the rumors of frictions with his wife over his return to active racing. Certainly he will be seen as a traitor by many Ferrari tifosi. He's not doing it for the money but had the possibility of this been in the works back in the summer and related to his failure to replace Massa?

Done deal? Schumacher showed up at his Karpen karting track in a curious choice for a Ferrari road car consultant, a Mercedes S class...

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  1. Oh crap

    I'm a huge Schumi/Ferrari fan... But if I must choose sides, I will go with Ferrari/Alonso.

    I would love to see him back on the track, regardless of his performance or team.

  2. Maybe Schumi working with Benz means that some of their cars will finally get sorted out. That would be a nice change.

    I hope he joins Mercedes - after a year of stories about Mosley and Piquet Jr we need something more uplifting in Formula One to show that it isn't a overly dramatic, more-interesting-off-the-track series.

  3. "Schumacher's neck was OK in December but it was not in August? What really was behind that?"

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it is called "healing". You may familiar with this obscure medical term.

  4. But if the injury was as severe as was described back in the summer than that would be quite a remarcable feat of... healing :)

  5. Screw Ferrari! IMO they pushed Schumacher out of his seat early and forced his early retirement for the greed of wanting Kimi who now has been pushed into early retirement so they can make way for Alonso. He surly wasn't lacking pace when he left Ferrari, and it he has shown in recent testing and it kart racing that he is still competitive behind the wheel.

    I would love to see him come back next year with Brawn and Merc and kick Ferrari's ass for what they did to him!

  6. Imagine if Brawn had kept Barrichello? Hahahaha!

  7. With all of these skilled drivers being forced out of Ferrari it sounds like the true spirit of Enzo Ferrari himself is still alive!

  8. It doesn't matter, the Redbull will be too good.

  9. i will start to belive this when i see Norbert Haug, Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher on a Press Conference.

    and yes, it would have been hillarious if brawn kept blahblablahrichello :)


  10. The event that tips the scale towards me thinking this might happen is Di Montezemolo opening the door by saying Schumi is not obliged to NOT race with someone else by his contract with Ferrari.
    If I were Schumi why would you risk your long term association with Ferrari for one with MB? for 1-2 years only of racing with unknown outcome?
    At 60 I rather be still working with Ferrari as "Advisor" and have my name associated with 30+ years of development of the world's greatest sportscars than with MB (boring...)


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