December 8, 2009

Raikkonen and Loeb at the 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours...

Keep an eye on the 2010 24 Hours, it has the potential of being the most interesting in years. The latest rumors are of a Red Bull sponsored Peugeot 908 Hdi driven by Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastien Loeb and perhaps David Coulthard. Certainly would attract media attention, something RedBull has show to have a certain talent for over the years...

Also in 2010, BMW will return to contest as an official factory team for the first time in years. There will be GT2 M3s but perhaps also the new GT3 class Z4 racer the bavarians have cooked up. Stay tuned for updates.

ALMS Lime Rock 2009

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  1. Great News, let's hope it became reality but please without coulthard

  2. Do. Not. Want. I like my Peugeots as they are. No Red Bull sponsors. And, much as I like Kimi, I don't want him in my Peugeots. In an ideal world I'd like to see a repeat of this years teams but that's unlikely unless they move Canada on the F1 calendar.

  3. GT3 is not an ACO class so cannot run in LM 24 or LMS...

    Loeb's participation will be confirmed or not in January - expect him to be in the Privately entered peugeot (as per Pesca last year) to be run by Oreca in 2010. This WILL be a red Bull sponsored entry... as Kimi is a Citroen junior Team driver in Rally (also RB sponsored)it's possible he could be in the squad... especially as Brabham and Pagenuad will not be available to Pig for LM this year - They will be in the acura entry.

  4. Sorry forgot to mention - expect BMW to join Audi, Aston and Porsche with a full factory effort at N24 this year as well.

    LMS ALMS N24 and LM24 all live and free at

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  5. There must be an equivalent class the RLR M3 run in. If winning the Daytona 24hr (BMW did not win) will get you an automatic invite to Le Mans, surely there has to be an equivalency between ALMS and ACO....


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