December 8, 2009

Retrospective: Classic DTM Onboards

1994 in DTM meant Mercedes C-Class vs Alfa 155 but you also had supporting roles played by Ford Mustangs (yes...f bodies...), Opel Calibras and BMW e36 M3 Evo.

The Season was won by Klaus Ludwig with a more reliable Mercedes compared to the Alfas of Nannini and Larini (who had 7 wins between them but also 7 DNFs)

As we like to say, Classic DTM never gets old so here is another great clip from DTMEntusiast of mostly onboard footage from the 94 season.

More DTM on Axis


  1. That was fu--in AWESOME!!!!!!!

  2. F bodies are/were Camaros/Firebirds, in '94 the mustang was a Fox Body (Fox-4 if I recall correctly, they made a few changes or......something). Sorry for nit picking!!
    This was another great post!!!

  3. yeah all that nasty stuff! :O)

  4. Am I the only one who thinks it'd be cool to have a Merc 190 DTM racer as a daily driver?

  5. Does anyone know why BMW really stopped developing the E36 for this series?

    I know all about the Supertouring 2.0l action in BTCC and elsewhere... Was it just to use the budget for wider appeal racing?

  6. John - I would drive an E30 M3 DTM every day if I had the choice.

  7. Any of these cars would be miserable to drive daily, but certainly it'd be fun for a while.
    I'll take the E30 as well...

  8. ♥ this stuff!! this is the stuff i used to catch every once in a while and be 100% glued to the tv set.
    anyone notice the right side nets even back in the '90s?


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