November 29, 2009

Schumacher wins again, shows Brazilian kids how it's done.

Interesting no, the Schumacher saga? Does anyone believe that, if he found a way, he would not return to racing?

Grandpa Schumi, beat a bunch of Brazil's best at Felipe Massa's annual invitational kart race in Florianopolis yesterday.

Open Florianopolis Picture Gallery


1 - Michael Schumacher (GER)
2 - Vitantonio Liuzzi (ITA)
3 - Felipe Massa
4 -Lucas di Grassi
5 - Vitor Meira
6 - Rubens Barrichello
7 - Tony Kanaan
8 - Antonio Pizzonia
9 - Nelsinho Piquet
10 - Duda Pamplona
11 - Ricardo Zonta
12 - Tarso Marques
13 - Enrique Bernoldi
15 - João Paulo de Oliveira
16 - Popó Bueno
17 - Luciano Burti
18 - Felipe Giaffone
19 - Bia Figueiredo
20 - Eduardo Berlanda
21 - Xandinho Negrão
22 - Marcos Gomes
23 - Raphael Matos
24 - Christian Fittipaldi
25 - Max Wilson


  1. I had a good laugh at that overtake! Funny that Schumacher didn't concede to Massa for posterity's sake. Even better/funnier is the lack of Rubens "blah blah blah" Barrichello - poor guy!

  2. Did Piquet Jr. intentionally shunt his cart for ice cream after the race?

    What's a Fittipaldi doing so low in the standings?!

  3. Piquet had made a secret deal where he would get a lifetime supply, sadly for him Raikkonen stopped by and ate it all.

    Fittipaldi was 20 laps down, I assume he had a mechanical issue. Or maybe Piquet ran into him.

  4. I just watched Schumacher take 7th at the SKUSA Supernats in Las Vegas last weekend. He was not the fastest there, but his driving style really stood out with incredible smoothness, precision and clean lines. NPK jr was there as well and finished 10th.

  5. Please Shumi please return to F1! We need you!

  6. I got to witness Schumacher in Vegas too. I was blown away by how calm he was with the wheel. Most guys were hacking away while Schumi looked like he didn't even have to steer his kart at all.


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