November 9, 2009

F1 light: Don't be rude to the boss' daughter

I mean why would you be rude to Tamara Ecclestone to begin with...even is she wasn't Bernie's daughter?

From the Daily Mail:

"'I don't think Jenson Button deserves to be the world F1 champion,' said Tamara, at the opening of Mayfair members' club The Red Room.

'He has been in it such a long time and never really came close to winning a championship. Suddenly the car is good and he's won the championship. He only won six races and they were all at the beginning of the season.

'If they'd all had the same car, then Jenson Button definitely wouldn't have won this season. Lewis Hamilton is a better driver and he's a nicer person.'

The animosity towards Button allegedly stems from a trackside interview that Miss Ecclestone conducted with Button as part of her job with Sky Sports.

Tamara said: 'He was just answering his phone in the middle of the interview and I was like: "Dude, I'm sitting here, what are you doing?"'


  1. pretty rich white girls with problems

  2. Behold the ignorance of modern royalty! Why open your mouth if all you've got is garbage to share? What should have been made clear was who Button was answering on his phone during the interview... his fiancé, perhaps? Ross Brawn, maybe? There are more important things than media interviews... and besides, the comparison to Lewis... come on, Lewis knows exactly how to play the cameras and seems willing to do so. It is my opinion Jenson has a better handle than Lewis on just how much media "effort" or "input" is necessary, because, at the end of the day, his job is trying to win races... not play namby to pitlane journos. (To be fair, they both could have been having poor days and this is the result of that hypothetical circumstance.)

    Now please excuse me while I go get me an eggnog latte. (The nog is back people!!)

  3. Looks and brains.
    Although It probably doesn't take much brains to realise that with "even cars" Jenson would have been lucky to finish in the points.

  4. Does this woman think that she is going to get brownie points for making comments about the world champion. In my opinion jenson deserves to be champion considering all the highs and lows he has had and maybe it didn't occur to this stupid woman that maybe jenson doesn't really give a monkey about being interviewed by a woman who is the daughter of ecclescake. Plus as tristan said, at the least jenson is not like lewis who plays namby pamby to the cameras. Rock on jenson.

  5. My man Jenson! What I find most comical of "women" like this is she has all the resources possible to look her best ... and thats the best she can look?! Take away the fancy dress and hair / makeup crew and you have a frumpy tart akin to the night girl @ your local 7-11. Thank Bernie's bank account that your not selling 6 packs and smokes to the peasants, sweetheart.

  6. I beg to differ concerning her looks...god, she's hot. She must be adopted. Regardin Jenson, good for him. I bet she really doesn't know shit about F1.

  7. regarding her looks, has anybody realized that her face is extremely long?

    and we all know better than to take her word seriously, don't we?

  8. Button won the World Championship, they all don't have the same car, and the better driver award is subjective and best. Sorry you got your feelings hurt princess. Oh, you dropped your silver spoon.


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