November 29, 2009

Dale Does Evora

It may sound like some kind of dodgy movie but in fact it's our friend Dale, that BTG master of oversteer from RSR Nürburg's first video review.

I think he's right on except for the whole theory of this being a Porsche rival. Sure, it's a big as a Cayman and way more luxurious than a Exige but having seen one at Paul Ricard this past week end, I don't think Porsche is losing any sleep.



  1. Drive one then you'll know why Porsche is worried.

  2. I really don't think Porsche is worried.

  3. I will have to see one to believe it. After 3 Lotus, and same # of Porsches, quality (interior, design, materials and overall execution) in the Lotus camp is waaaayyyyy below for a 21st century street car (all $ spent on chasis design and development). As track cars, the Lotus are great, but miss a lot of the needed HP for the big tracks in the US (great for sub 100mph tracks like the ones all around the UK (or for AutoXs in the US). Modern Porsches are great street cars and perform excellent as track cars, while being undefeatable workhorses in quality and reliability. I wish there's a truly believable alternative at their price point.

  4. AC - you never stated WHY you think Porsche doesn't care...



  5. I said Porsche is not losing any sleep... I just don't think Lotus is in a position to make a significant dent in the 911 market with this car as it stands now. As CG and Adil's Lotus experience (and indeed automotive history) showed, the Brits are brilliant engineers but lousy industrial builders.

  6. Just wait until the hardcore version arrives. It'll make a GT3RS look like a steel shelled tank with the engine in the wrong place.

    Oh wait a minute...


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