October 26, 2009

WRC season Highlights

Sebastien Loeb made it six world championships in Wales this past week end. Here is a quick HL clip from Eurosport

More WRC on Axis


  1. Highlights :( No Subaru, No Mitsubishi, No Audi, No Toyota, No Peugeot, No Renault...

    A two-car series entertainment does not make. The FIA have killed the WRC... it just doesn't know it's dead yet.

  2. Can't disagree with you Lazer....but it is what it is and I hope it will improve in the next couple of years. I would love to see Mini return to rallying.

  3. I agree that its a shame there is not much diversity in WRC anymore nonetheless, it's still alot more entertaining than many other forms of motorsport. Luckily, the HD Theater channel is now broadcasting WRC on Sunday afternoon. The rally of Portugal was insane with the return of Marcus Gronholm in the ProDrive Subaru. He was in 2nd place until he wrecked. And Latvala's horrific crash flipping over the gurdrail down a mountain....
    Loeb's domination is starting to become annoying however. There are many talented drivers but they can't touch Loeb. I think its 51 wins now. Crazy


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