October 10, 2009

Thunder on the Mountain, the 2009 Bathurst 1000 Shootout.

The Bathurst 1000, one of the world's most incredible races. Australian V8 Supercars are a mix of golden era DTM and what NASCAR could be if it wasn't afraid to turn right more often. The Mount Panorama circuit is unique and has got to be one of the scariest tracks on the planet. These guys are all over it with 100% commitment, millimiters from the concrete walls, it's just amazing.

All of this makes for a great show and the way the Australians cover this race is amazing. Australian TV was the first to incorporate onboard cameras and have developed and exported the technology ever since, they are masters at it. A motorhead's delight they have cameras everywhere, even on the car's suspensions, other racing series should study and learn.

So here is the complete top ten qualifying shootout divided by driver and continued after the jump.


  1. the first time I saw heel-toe and left foot braking in action was through their on-board camera. That was long before youtube.

  2. Audio/video massively out-of-sync. Or is it me?

  3. Audio is out of sync idd. Anyways. Can't get it on TV here in The Netherlands.. better then nothin'. Thanks axis!

  4. Great race, I was screaming at the TV for Murphy to get it onto the podium, but it was not to be. A younger Greg may have done it, but probably incurred a penalty or two on the way.

  5. i love v8 supercar!


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