October 7, 2009

So, who's lying?

When Nelson Piquet Jr, the only man unsanctioned in the Singapore fiasco, spectacularly missed another opportunity to keep quiet and decided instead to try and cast himself as the hapless victim, he raised an interesting question, one Flavio Briatore's lawyers will be sure to focus on.

In an interview on Brazil's Globo TV, Nelsiño claims he was approached by Briatore and Symonds on the very morning of the Grand Prix with the suggestion....order, to crash his car.

“Foi no próprio dia da corrida, no domingo mesmo, algumas horas antes da prova. ...Eles (Flavio Briatore e Pat Symonds) me chamaram para conversar, não estavam muito confortáveis com a situação Mas precisavam e queriam muito que isso (o acidente) acontecesse. ...”

"It was on the day of the race, the very Sunday, a few hours before the start. They (Briatore-Symonds) called me to talk, they were not comfortable with the situation but wanted very much for it ( the accident) to happen"

Symonds and crucially, Alan Premane the apparent Witness X who's testimony was seen as the nail in Briatore's coffin, claimed that A) it was Piquet's idea and B) Piquet brought it up on the Saturday of the race.

Now, both realities cannot be right, can they?



  1. nothing would please me more than the case being heard in a criminal court, then we will know the truth, rather than the 'truth' now

  2. Well - Briatore's hands are still dirty for letting it happen regardless so its not like he is 100% clean in this. But, I'd tend to agree that said, Piquet probably liked about it to try and save his ass and failed miserably.

  3. I still maintain that Piquet Sr. came up with the idea to save his son's career.

  4. Will you guys just let it go already?

  5. I take it annoymous doesn't see what impact this has on F1 as a sport overall when people start purposely wrecking their cars or then lying about it?

  6. Thanks for this post. This single discrepancy appears lost in the F1 media . . . and certainly on the broadcast team at Speed. I could not believe the casual ignorance of this question during their Singapore commentary.

    I have no doubt whose story I buy on this finer point, but I'd prefer it given more weight in the general press as I believe this question would ultimately work to expose Piquet's protection and hopefully destroy the travesty that is the FIA.

  7. @jim which puts the whole premise in question...


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