October 17, 2009

More Ferrari 458 Italia than you can watch...

What look to be out takes and b-roll from the official launch clips at Mugello was "leaked" to the net. I find the car stunning but I hear a lot of people are not convinced by the looks. What will be unquestioned will be its performance.... let's just say 430 Scuderia owners should get the highest price while they can, the 458 is lapping Fiorano in Enzo territory!

In other surprising Ferrari news, Maranello will enter the Bentley GT market with the successor to the 612 Scaglietti. Codenamed F151 it will be a 600+hp v12, full 4 seater with luggage space and all wheel drive.

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  1. how do we think this was filmed? it almost looks like CGI, but i'm not pointing any fingers...

  2. Um I thought the F430 scuderia was already lapping Fiorano faster than an Enzo? So Enzo territory = slower than F430S?

  3. That's such a pretty car. I'm a Mclaren fan but I don't think they'll sell many cars with this thing around.

  4. enzo territory on street tires versus the scuderia's pzero corsas is what makes it impressive.

  5. The 458 Italia should outrun the 430 Scuderia in 0-60 mph due to the increase in power (around 60Hp) and the close 1st/2nd gear, but it also carries almost 400 lbs over the 430 Scuderia. Lamborghini, Audi, GM and Nissan already tried the "more weight/more power" formula, and they have been successful, now Ferrari joins them.

    This car should have come lighter than the F430, but instead it gained a lot more weight, despite having the CCB as standard feature.

    Until the new engine and transmission get tested in Racing (F458 Challenge & FIA GT2/GT3 F458 programs), we will have to wait. The beauty of testing street car engines/transmissions in Racing is that it helps development of a given car. This is what made the Porsche GT3/GT3 RS such a great car (over 12 years of development over the same engine and transmission).

    We should expect a lightweight version of the F458 Italia in around three years, hopefully it doesn't gain weight as the 458 Italia did.

    Ferrari made the Scuderia a little heavier than the Stradale, but through the options list, one can configure a Scuderia lighter than a Stradale. This should be the approach with the 458 Italia lighweight car (a/c optional, radio optional, carbon body part optional, etc)

  6. Agree with everything Rad said except for the radically absurd option list in such an expensive. If you really want/need (or rather don't want/need) no A/C and radio in a street, get a Cup Car or Challenge car.
    Nevertheless a spectacular looking car (great function using classical curved forms) and as it is customary with recent Ferraris the drive has to be superb.

  7. I love it when you hear the camera car squeak over the gators.


  8. You cannot do a weight comparison only between the Scuderia and the 458. It's irrelevant. The Scuderia (don't take me wrong, I love it it's fantastic) is a "special" track focused car, the 458 will be the entry level Ferrari. That alone is stunning.

    As far as weight, as anyone working in the auto industry will tell you, that is drive mostly by the consumer and in good part by regulations.

    the 458 is less than 100 pounds more than the 430.

    There will be a "scuderia" version in a few years when the market warrants it.


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