October 29, 2009

The M5 Convertible that almost was...

Now convertible M's are pretty common, but hairdressers in the early 90's woz robbed!...

e34 M5 Convertible

e34 M5 Convertiblee34 M5 Convertible

"BMW has finally confirmed that it developed an M5 convertible 20 years ago, but canned it a week before it was due to be launched due to sales concerns.
The long-rumoured car was shown to a select group of journalists at an event celebrating 25 years of the BMW M5, and autocar.co.uk has obtained exclusive photos.

BMW confirmed that the car, which had two lengthened front doors and seating for four, had been developed for sale at a price of £50,000.
It was all set to be launched at that year's Geneva motor show, with BMW booking space for it on its stand, but a week before the event it was canned.
BMW confirmed that it was abruptly dropped as it believed it would result in demand for non-M 5 Series convertibles, which could have harmed sales of teh highly-profitable drop-top 3 Series."


more BMW on Axis


  1. What a beauty too!!! Just on looks, I'd rather have that than one of their ghastly 6 series.

  2. I think people should be talking about the E39 M5 Touring!

    I'm glad they didn't release the M5 'vert. I think that would have been a bit of an oddball model without much relevance to BMW's line-up at the time. An 850/840 convertible would have made more sense.

  3. That would have made a great coupe ... probably too close to the M3 thou. Murph - Agreed

  4. They also decided not to release the 8 series convertible back then.



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