October 24, 2009

Little Big Man

Nobody is surprised by Todt's election right? We hope Todt will return the FIA presidency to a position of anonymity and keep it out of the news but for all of those who wonder how he could have crushed Ari Vatanen hopes for reform so completely let me point out that while Vatanen had the support of drivers, teams and 99% of the public (ok, that's unscientific but I know I'm right...) not one of those groups gets to vote.

Who voted? Take a look at this list compiled by a pitpass.com reader. Now no offense intended but in many of the countries represented there are barely roads, what precisely do Rwanda and Mongolia contribute to motorsport? Iraq? IRAQ??
I tell you what the esteemed representatives of these automobile clubs understand very well: on their shopping trip to Paris it's much more glamorous to hang out with Michelle Yeoh and Michael Schumacher than voting to rock the boat.

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  1. That's not racism nor offensive, that's the plain truth..

    I think that it's time to put an end to the FIA monopoly over european motorsport.. If only ACO extended his range of competitions!

  2. Man, I do find it kind of offensive. It's not about what race fans in Rwanda, Mongolia or Iraq can contribute to motorsport but about the right of these people to decide what should be done with what they like; anyone in one of those countries can love motorsport more than you.
    By the way, great blog. Keep it on but try to see a little more beyond the horizon.

  3. I think Todt will be the new incarnation of Mosley.. I doubt that something good will happen to F1 after his election.

    And i'm a 100% okay with Angular about the offensive passage..

  4. I have to disagree: Firstly because this has nothing to do with fans, fans have no say at all in their national club representatives vote. Then I would bet that many of the people on that list above no motorsport experience at all.


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