October 18, 2009

Face Palm: Ecclestone tells Brazilian Press Senna's Death "A Good Thing"

"It was very sad but in the end his death was good for F1, many people who had never heard of the sport became aware or it and started to follow"

Senility is a hell of a thing and though Ecclestone tried to deny ever making the statement, the interviewer from Sao Paulo's Folha de S.Paulo produced the tapes....

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  1. Imagine the benefits of your demise, Bernie. Make it soon.

  2. And the real story .... See joe sawards blog
    It's a pity that this is spreading the way it is....

  3. Well, Mr. Seward is sure to get paddock passes for the foreseeable future... You just can't trust those little Brazilians, thank god for the brits.



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