October 18, 2009

Brawn World Champions, Button World Champion

Congratulations to Brawn GP and Jenson Button. I read many articles along the lines of "but is Jenson Button worthy..." yada yada. Ultimately, pointless: you win Championships by having the most points and Button was able to do that. You may debate style but not substance.

And you can get as "Oliver Stone" as you like but there is no denying one basic thing about Brawn GP, Along with Mercedes they built a package that was not just fast but incredibly strong and reliable. Why did Button win the championship even after other teams fitted their cars with "double diffusers" and closed the performance gap? Because his car, unlike his those of his rivals, did not break once in sixteen races (he was punted off track in Belgium). Rubens had one mechanical. That is simply fantastic, the car was a tank.

As for today's race, Button, like Hamilton, had a dry setup and as expected sliced through the field. But from the start the seas parted for Button as, once again, cars in front of him got into trouble. Raikkonen was shut down hard by Webber, Trulli and Sutil got cozy and bumped each other out taking Alonso with them. Rosberg had a mechanical, Nakajima crashed. Mclaren drove off with a fuel hose attached and managed to light Kimi's Ferrari on fire for a second ( way more embarrassing than Singapore last year, the fuel man was not even close to done when the lead mechanic released the car...)
Button had some trouble with the very impressive Kamui Kobayashi and had, I thought, a bit of a lame moment when he complained over the radio the rookie was not making things easy for him ("we'll let Charlie know" was the reply from the team). Yes Jenson, it's called racing... I like Kobayashi, he fought hard and showed Button and other veterans zero respect, reminded me a bit of when Alonso was dealing with Schumacher way back...

And Barrichello, once again jinxed in Brazil, he owes Brawn for a chance to see if eighteen's the charm for winning his home GP!

Oh yes, almost forgot, Webber won, Kubica had a great race and Vettel not a so great race.
Feel free to weigh in, as usual.



  1. Yes, Button deserves it. And he drove a really good, smart race today. The championship is awarded for consistency throughout the season, and Brawn delivered better than any other team.
    But I love the fact that there are so many truly viable contenders waiting in the wings for next year. It's been a long time since I felt every race was a toss-up.

  2. I saw those trophies and, involuntarily, the Imperial March started playing in my head...



  3. Thoroughly deserved. And while I agree that on the whole Kobayashi was great, I do think he was blocking too late when attacked, as Kazuki also found out. But generally his performance was great and nice to see someone from GP2 impress (unlike Piquet and Grojean who didn't/don't seem able to translate GP2 pace into F1 machinery).

    I also think a Webber block was a bit iffy and even Rubens push against Lewis on the pit wall had a glimpse of last weeks Magnussen incident about it.

    Great race. Worthy champion. A good race winner. And some superb drives from rear of grid.


  4. When talking about muck ups you guys forgot to mention when BMW accidentally sent Heidfeld back out with out having fed him any fuel due to a faulty pump. Not as embarassing as McLaren lighting up the Ice Man but still shouldn't have happened.

  5. Unintentionally hilarious picture with Jenson Butoon there... lol

  6. BTW, the glamour of being World Champion.... Button had a shopping mall appearance in the UK today.

  7. Tank of a car is an understatement.
    One needs to look back to Australia and watch how hard Barrichello was trying to destroy his car but just couldn't manage it. That was the testament of how sturdy this Brawn car is.

    Anyways... Congrats Jenson! Would've prefered seeing Barrichelo take a home win and take the fight to Abu Dhabi.

    At this point I'm looking forward to next year rather than watching what surely will be a dull race at that white elephant of a track in Abu Dhabi.

  8. Yes, great car and all but Jenson delivered the goodies the first time he has had a Championship winning car (unlike other idolized Brit drivers).
    Well deserving Champ! I hope he gets the fan support he deserves back home.
    Best thing this year was to be able to see the real quality of the whole F1 Grid. Almost everyone had a chance to shine and fight for a GP win when their machinery was one of the best on a given weekend (Force India's pace late season was the highlight!). Amazing pool of talent! The Badoer situation highlighted this even further. I'm sure Luca is a very capable driver and probable deserving winner of LeMans or similar racing venues but not on par with F1's current crop.

  9. The Brawn story is good one, fun to watch it unfold this season, to be that much better in the F1 field is huge.
    Found it strange that Button had to borrow Ruben's plane to get home when the title sponser is a British airline. I guess Button hasn't forgave Branson for hitting on his girlfreind yet.

  10. I have to admit to being a doubter, I really thought Jense was just slowly and painfully losing the championship until today, what an incredible charge from the new champ, Fair play to ye Jense, I'll have my slice of humble pie now :)

    As for Kobayashi, Fantastically entertaining racing, when Jense got on the radio, I didn't agree with him, but after his 'incident' with Nak, I think his driving, through-out, the race should be looked at a bit more closely. We don't want drivers getting idea's about entertaining the spectators or anything like that now, do we? :D

  11. I'm terribly disappointed. Ross Brawn won this championship for Button. I think it's a tragedy that he'll be listed as a world champion. Wait a year or two and he'll be as forgotten as he was last year. Even when the cars I'm rooting against win, I can always be at least satisfied knowing the winner deserved it (like last year -- even though I was rooting for the Ferraris, Hamilton drove like a world champion). Button just had a faster and more reliable car than anyone else. Just give it a year or two, we'll have forgotten he ever won a race. But I do give him credit for being less of a complainer and cry-baby than Barrichello. As if that were an accomplishment.

  12. Good for Button and Webber. I feel bad for Webber because nobody cares. Thankfully this wasn't his first win.

    For the first while I was quite impressed with Kobayashi and how well he was holding off Button, but his move on Nakajima was a little ridiculous.

  13. Well done to Brawn and Jenson. Jenson will be a formidable force next year I suspect. He's such a smooth mistake free driver even when the pressure was getting to him after the six wins. He may lack the last 5% that Senna or Clark had but so did Prost and He won four WDC's. Hopefully Brawn and Williams stuff Ferrari, Mclaren and the other corporate giants next year too.


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