September 11, 2009

What Briatore really said about Piquet: a not so subtle hint.

What, English journos don't stick around to hear The Flav speak in his native language? They are missing half the fun!.

The inexplicably successful with supermodels Renault manager unloaded the following after announcing his lawsuit against the Piquets, translated from Italian:

"From Piquet, who has accused me in the media, I only asked for performance. There was even a clause in his contract. Truth is, he did not perform.
We tried in every way to make Nelsinho feel at ease, we did everything. We found a doctor that would speak to him about his fragility, I even read in the papers that he accused me of keeping a friend of his out of the paddock and called me his executioner.

I kept his friend away at the behest of his father, those two lived together and nobody understood what kind of relationship they had.

I even arranged for him to change apartments, I moved him to one in my building so I could keep an eye on him. These charges are gratuitous."

And here is the rest of it.



    like this ?

  2. except I don't think Flavio likes him anyway...

  3. being Italian, I can say the translation is actually gentle, the summary of Briatore's words is: "His father was worried Nelson Jr was gay, and asked me to separate him from the man he was living with. In order to do so he was moved to an apartment in the same building I use to live, and he accused me to ruin his life, while he was actually his father to be blamed".

    And so on...

  4. its like being back at school

    "you guys cheated"

    "yeh well your gay so nurrrrrr"

  5. LOL. classic comment Sorrento.
    Seriously; he should have pushed the whole F1's first gay driver (that we know of) angle


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