September 13, 2009

5.1 G under braking

Think about that for a second as you watch the race today.... repeat 53 times

BBC pre-show feed is up here at the moment

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  1. I wonder how they get there figure for the Pedal Force? When converted to pounds, you need 302 lb's of force on the pedal? There is no way that these guys can put 302 lbs with one leg, so Im assuming thats the force that the master cylinder sees, not the force that the driver exerts with his foot.

  2. Where can I go to get post race video coverage, including the press conference? I can't seem to find it anyway!

    Help a little lady in Florida see her F1 please!

    Thank you!!


  3. Jonathan,

    While decelerating the driver 'appeared weight' begins to increase. In this case the drivers weight increase 5x. With that in mind, the driver would use some of this 'new found weight' to apply force on the pedal.

  4. @Titans - Except that the force of decerating the driver goes through the harness so there is no force of deceleration to go through the pedal.


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