August 19, 2009

Sensational: New Porsche 997 GT3 RS MkII Video

Porsche gave us a treat today, no commentary needed...and it has a cloth pull handle for the door...I want one!
More pictures and info after the jump.

This is what Porsche is calling “the most sporting 911 yet”: the new GT3 RS.

The homologation special is fitted with the same 3.8-litre flat six as the GT3, but it has 444bhp instead of 429bhp, making it 35bhp pokier than the old RS.

The latest GT3 RS gets wider tracks at the front and rear (aided by extended front wheel arches) and a huge carbonfibre rear wing with aluminium supports.
The naturally aspirated engine, which has a specific output of more than 113bhp per litre, is mated to a low-ratio, short-shift six-speed manual gearbox.
A lithium ion starter battery will be available instead of the standard unit, reducing the kerb weight by 10kg.
Porsche is clearly aiming to make this one of the wildest 911s ever, with bright decals all over the bodywork.
The GT3 RS goes on sale in the US in 2010, priced from $132,800.


  1. Enough said.... GT3 order canceled! This RS really makes a performance difference (sans teenage stickers...)

  2. the color choices are traditionally bizarre: White and ...GOLD?

  3. Ouch! just saw the color chart. Clearly, the focus group for the color choices was nowhere near the western hemisphere..
    Definitively the stickers (side stripes and GT3RS logos are a no-go under any circumstance). Red contrast seems the "safe" choice, unless you want your RS to look like your STI...

  4. The Gray and Red is a straight ripoff of the Megane r26R color scheme

  5. You guys are too uptight about colors and stickers.


  6. You are right, I bet Porsche will sell it without stickers for $3000 extra :o)

  7. Where can we get some Axis stickers?


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