August 12, 2009

Schumacher's injuries revealed.

The extent of the injuries sustained as a result of his fall while testing a Superbike in February were much more serious than I realized.

During a press conference Wednesday in Geneva, his doctor, Johannes Peil, revealed Schumacher had not only cracked his C7 vertebra but suffered a basal skull fracture which resulted in bone fragments damaging his vertebral artery. The C7 apparently is healed but the bone fragments injuries remain.
(Gazzetta dello Sport)


  1. basal skull fracture, isn't that what killed dale earnhardt (well an old simpson belt really did but thats whole other story)? talk about some serious stuff, I guess we can understand why he decdided to withdrawl, that's a huge risk to be throwning 5 G's of load on!

  2. I'm still crying on the inside. Suzuka was going to be so exciting.

  3. I must say, content is way too graphic for my sensible taste... had to stop reading this halfway.
    I can't think of a good reason for motorbike pilots not to wear the HANS system by now.


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