August 10, 2009

Schumacher in Space...

Say what you will about Michael Schumacher's return but one thing is certain, it's good for business.

While Schumacher is busy with his physical conditioning and filming new product ads, promoters everywhere are rushing to their local places of worship and lighting candles in his name.

It's a made for media story, in the middle of a summer break, and the story will be milked for all its worth: How much is Schumi making? Will he loose his beer belly? How's his neck? How about that $17000 titanium reinforced helmet? Hey did you hear he's going into space?....What?

Yeah, as far as I can tell this story comes from a gulf publication called Arabian Business. There is no confirmation from anyone, indeed there is no direct quote about Schumacher even from Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic "space tourism" tour company but the story was picked up around the world. I'm guessing that even if true, it's not going to be the seven time champion who will pony up the $200,000 for the three hour trip.

Maybe the fact that an investment company out of Abu Dhabi bought a large stake of Virgin Galactic recently has something to do with how this story was born... you think?

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Yup. Why the lack of news around here, lately?

  2. I think that was the point of the post... there is no F1 news, really :o)

  3. Bit of news on this. Schumacher withdraws due to pain in the neck. Somewhat surprisingly Luca Badoer gets the nod for Valencia.

  4. Upside Down Stig is right, see post on main page!....


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