August 5, 2009

Say your first gear was good to 268mph...

That's right, 268mph (421km/h). Think about that for a second...

Boneville Speed Week is an event I always wanted to witness. The history, the sheer insanity, the ingenuity, the spirit is unique. It is also an event that for all the sponsorship logos on the side of the streamliners still seems like very much a grass roots, built in the garage event, a dream place for dreamers.

Our friend Shane pointed me towards this clip, it's a promo for a DVD about Nish Motorsports quest for a 450mph run (that's 684 km/h!).

I think you tracktards will enjoy it. First an in car then, after the jump, the full promo. Like the guy says, it's just like any other car except it has a lot more horsepower, a ton more torque and is quite a bit faster!

That's a 720 cubic inch (11.8 liters) Chevy Big Block...


  1. for some reason I wasn't all that impressed when I read the story, but as I was watching the video, my jaw hit the floor.

    Bad ass

  2. What's with the open visor, though? Makes life a lot easier for those rebelious loose springs...


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