August 22, 2009

Rumor roundup: Toyota next to quit Formula 1 and Kimi's points deal.

There's a rumor that Toyota has a sent a letter to its employees telling them to start looking for jobs. Toyota's future in F1 will be decided in November but the fact that Williams is already looking for an engine deal is a pretty good clue.

Contingent on him finding a ride elsewhere for 2010, Ferrari is rumored to be proposing a deal where they would pay Raikkonen a bonus for every point Ferrari scores rather than paying his severance all at once. However Ferrari is in a pickle, what if Massa is not the same when he returns?


  1. I like WIlliams and Rosberg - but how on earth are they still a viable team with funding?

  2. I don't think Alonso will be that much better than Raikkonen.


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