July 21, 2009

They turn a Maserati into a boat: Arrested!

The latest adventure of two Italian "Autonauts" ended off the coast of Tuscany yesterday when they were "pulled over" by the coast guard, given tickets for failing to comply with marine regulations and, presumably, painting a Maserati lilac.

Marco Amoretti and Marcolino De Candia told the authorities they were planning to sail around Italy from Forte dei Marmi to Venice.

It is not the first time the two self described "Autonauts" use cars in ways never quite intended: in 1999 the crossed the Atlantic, from the Canaries to Martinique on board a Ford Taurus and VW Passat filled with polyurethane foam.
(via RaiNews24) (Ruotenelvento.it)

And here is the rest of it.


  1. I'm deluded

  2. I find the last image fantastic! there isn't an high resolution version?


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