July 31, 2009

Schumacher testing at Mugello Video

(Gazzetta Dello Sport)

Not much of a video but there he is testing with a 3 year old car on loan from a Ferrari collector. Not very relevant to the 2009 model except to evaluate Schumacher's physical condition and to see if he has fully recovered from his neck injury sustained as a result of his last fall from a Superbike (and maybe the resulting butt kicking he surely got from his wife!)

There is talk Ferrari might exploit a loophole in the regulations and request a test for Schumacher in the current 2009 car. Article 22.1.a of the 2009 FIA F1 sporting regulations allows for an exception to the testing ban if the test is part of:

i) promotional or demonstration events carried out using tyres provided specifically for this
purpose by the appointed supplier.

Interesting to see if any of the other teams will object.

I say put him through a rigorous test, not just with a three year old car but with a wider range of Ferrari machinery and film the whole thing and...oh wait.

OK that was cheap but hey, what's the downside of having watched an extended version of history's greatest commercial?

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Pretty cool that its a 3 yr old chassis yet it has a cropped rear wing and what looks like full slicks .... so minus KERS, detailed aero and some engine displacement he's driving something "close" to 2009's car ... well played.
    - Fukes

  2. I don't think so, the rear wing is 2007 spec, it much lower and wider than the current wing, can't tell about the tires.

  3. Got goosebumps watching both videos!!!

  4. They are slick tyres from a GP2 car....other than that the car is 2007 spec

  5. I see FOTA gave the OK to Ferrari for him to test the F60 , of course that does not mean the FIA will approve it as well, loop hope or no loop hole.


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