July 9, 2009

Onboard telemetry is for wimps...Part II

Dan Gurney was not the first, in 1937, Mercedes developed this two seat version of their W125 in order to study suspension movements at speed, close up!

The same car was used in 1962 to film a promotional film for Shell. Shell has made some great motorsport movies over the years, most recently that amazing Ferrari though the ages film. In 1962 they produced "Round the Ring" an onboard lap of the Nürburgring with Herman Lang driving a Mercedes W125. The movie was narrated by Graham Hill.

Amazing looking at the track back then, I wonder if hedges cost more than aarmco to fix?

The clip is after the jump.


  1. That was a pretty awesome video for being over 40 years old!

  2. 645HP on truck tires with positive camber...

  3. Why did racing cars back then have positive camber? Surely they knew it decreased grip?


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