July 10, 2009

Kubica+Button at Brawn GP in 2010

According to a silly season report on French TV. That would leave two empty seats at BMW if you believe other rumor about Heidfeld leaving.
(via CircusF1.com)

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Other more or less credible rumors give Bourdais out of STR after this week end and Raikkonen at Brawn and Rosberg at BMW next year.... love Silly season!

  2. I'm a BMW fan but I'd love to see Kubica at Brawn as I think he could be very competitive. Heifeld needs to move on from BMW as that partnership just hasn't worked. However, I'd be all for Niki Lauda coming back to Brawn GP if it meant Barichello getting the hell out of F1!

  3. I'm a Kubica fan and must admit he lost that special someting this year. If Heidfeld is faster consistently then something is seriously wrong. At Brawn it will not go better though. He needs time to adapt to the team and the people he works with so Button is way ahead of him. I see Kubica as Alonso's team mate at Ferrari and he will become world champion (after Alonso does it twice).


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