July 28, 2009

BMW to leave F1? Speculation grows ahead of press conference Wednesday

BMW-Sauber F1-09

It is been confirmed by our sources that BMW has called what is being described as "an important press conference" in Munich Wednesday morning. The growing rumor is that BMW will announce it is leaving Formula 1 at the end of the season to concentrate on more cost effective racing series, sports cars and sedans which have historically been BMW's playground.

We will not speculate at this time on the reasoning for this decision which contradicts BMW's statement earlier in the season regarding its long term commitments to Formula 1. Stay tuned...



  1. This announcement is apparently not about them leaving, its about Credit Suisse leaving as a sponsor (which will undoubtedly bring Sauber with it) and it will leave BMW as its own team for 2010...

  2. It is official now. They're out at the end of the season. Surely this must free Kubica from his contract and give Ferrari the opportunity to get an active replacement driver in Massa's seat for the rest of the season.

  3. Just when we were putting all this other nonsense behind us . . .


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