July 6, 2009

40 years...

1968 Ferrari 312

2008 Ferrari F2008.
Photographed by Keith Collantine/F1Fanatic at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.



  1. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    IMO I would love to see them chop off the front and rear wings off todays F1 cars and race them. Downfroce is for sallys anywany.

  2. Yes, and make them race on bicycle tyres. Traction is for sallys, too. And make them run blindfolded

  3. The interesting thing is that 40 years later F1 drivers are just as close to the grip limit of their cars as drivers were in the 60's...

  4. I know it would never happen in F1, not even sure I would want it to, but the lack of downforce on a brutishly powerful machine is part of what makes watching MOTOGP so fun.

  5. You think there is some old timer, maybe a transporter driver, thats been w/ the F1 team since then? That a guy who needs to be introduced to a co-writer.

  6. that's like comparing a tulip to a cactus...

    - Shine


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