June 21, 2009

The Stig pulverizes the Top Gear lap record and then takes his helmet off...

In a black Ferrari FXX, the Stig puts the hammer down like Odin and wipes everything else off the legendary Power Laps board.

Just watch.

After the jump, this Stig takes his helmet off...

Michael Schumacher is the Stig..... Well, at least for this week he was.

For those who care, the ultimate Top Gear lap record belongs to Renault. The R25 lapped in 59 seconds. They never said who The Stig was that day...



  1. I'll post better better video later...

  2. What a show! These guys are just too good!
    What a production! What could have been better than that? What else can be faster than a FXX lap with That STIG!?

  3. BTW I'm not sure that's true about Ferrari keeping the car, I'm pretty sure I saw one under a car cover in a car park in Monaco...

  4. Could it have been an MC12 and not the FXX?

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  6. I think it's pretty funny reading the comments on some of the big sites about this: people are seriously debating if Schumi really has been the stig all along :o)

  7. @ Murph, I have to dig up the picture, but I'm pretty sure, the nose shape was that of the FXX. It was parked right next to an F40 and one bay over from an Enzo....gotta love Monaco's carparks! :o)

  8. Yay, capitalism!

    This entire post is Fearless Freep approved.


  9. Aren't power lap times only for road cars, hence no Caparo T1 Ultima GTR etc etc?

    How can this be a road car if Ferrari keep it?

    Ohhhh thats right, Clarkson is a Ferrari whore...

  10. The Enzo has the same nose design, and yes it is supposed to be for road cars only as the Aston Martin DB9 Race car did a 1min 08 sec lap a few years ago that wasnt counted because of that reason.

  11. Actually AC, you could have seen a real FXX. Edo Competition made a street legal one.


    I assume that FXX is available to personally take ownership if you drop more bags of money at Ferrari's doorstep ;)

  12. My mistake thats

  13. Guys, c'mon! Just imagine how much lip service to Ferrari it cost Top Gear to get an FXX power lap and M Schumacher on the same show!

    Probably, Ferrari agreed to the lap only if MS did it. MS lost some valuable hate points in my score by accepting to play the part to JC's script...
    I like the new(er) MS, and clearly proved he is witty smart by his quick non committal politically correct responses.

  14. And it was funny that he did the skit in the crap car at the end...

  15. I really dont think he has been the stig. If you watch a few videos on line there is one by some sweedish car show that talks to the stig while James/Hammond are around and that stig clearly talks with a british acsent. Not to mention there was one picture someone took of him with an intense flash bulb that showed his face, and it was not Shumi's.

    But eaither way it was cool to see him on the show. And I would have wanted to see him do a lap in the reasonably priced car so he could have out run lewis by 3 seconds :P

  16. http://www.livevideo.com/video/0681F92050E949858D35452D48AD4978/aston-martin-dbr9-power-lap.aspx

    The DBR9 is quicker than the FXX by 2 seconds

  17. I think the black FXX is MS's personal car. I read somewhere that he has the only black FXX and was gifted to him when he retired. I know the first time is saw the black FXX was during the Ferrari festival after the F1 season when herr schumacher retired.


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