June 4, 2009

Someone spank this man...

...but then again he would only enjoy it... CLICK

on the other hand, ol' Jaques Villeneuve has some interesting things to say for once!

“The problem with Formula 1 is that there are no more warriors,” Villeneuve bemoaned in an interview with German publication Sport Bild. “Alonso is one, but who else is there? These days no-one says anything unless a PR person has told them they are allowed to. There are no more fights.

“I realised it last year, when Massa was fighting Hamilton for the title – you didn't get the impression that these guys want to win so badly that they hate each other. It was different with myself and Michael Schumacher or Eddie Irvine.”

“I don't know him (Vettel) personally,” the 38-year-old mused, “but I like what I see because he is different, he gives refreshing answers in interviews, he is fast and he seems to be very strong in the head. I think you always have to be yourself in everything you do, but I am not sure this is the case with all the drivers of today. "

“[Button] hasn't made any mistakes; Lewis Hamilton was making mistakes even when he won the championship. I think Jenson is stronger than Lewis mentally, in dealing with pressure. "

“I'm happy for him (Button), but I also see the team as a negative part of my past. I feel as though a lot of my own money is still there; in 1999, my former manager Craig Pollock set up that team (as BAR) with some of my money as well. From BAR it was then Honda, and now it's Brawn.”

And here is the rest of it.

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  1. Villnuve is a tool, I like how he places his name in the same scentence as Shumi and Irvine battling out for the WDC. Last I remebered Villnuve was in a car that was the fastest of the grid by miles and he ovbiously wasn't that great of a F1 champion since he couldn't succeed in Nascar, F1, or the Peugot Le-Man team.

    He was a solid race car driver from 1995 to 1997, everything after that is fail. He needs to stop giving the current drivers "advice", mind his own buisness and quit builiding himself up as this driver who changed the course of F1.


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