June 7, 2009

Lewis Hamiton might try acting

...but what he really wants to do is direct...

I just got back to the US and on the plane I happened to read this gem from the Herald Tribune's extensive F1 coverage this week end.

Q. After Formula One do you think you’ll want to continue racing in another series, or do something else?

A. I honestly don’t know. It depends on what opportunities there are, and I don’t think there will be a lack of opportunity. It’s just that, for example, what I like now music-wise might be different in five years time. So I really can’t say. But I love music, I love movies, I don’t know if I can really act that well, but you never know until you try. It could be another area I could go into.

You can make what you will of Hamilton's tendency to always somehow mention Ayrton Senna and himself in the same sentence, but for sure his exit in Q1, beaten by his team mate, is the low point of his season so far. What made it worse is that it was not due to an accident or bad strategy...he was just not able to set the car up well enough and had to blatantly lift in turns where others were essentially flat.

Oh well, at least he's happy for Jenson!

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After the jump I will link to f1 live streams in case you don't want to wait until this afternoon (in the US) for the lame tape delayed broadcast...

refresh as I will be updating links as they crash or get trashed..
quality will be crappy and it's entirely possible they might not work at all, don't shoot the messenger!

best english stream try: http://www.p2p4u.net/ choose Other sports> link 2

In spanish:
Watch live video from . on Justin.tv

try here too http://www.justin.tv/mc_kik_2

Watch live video from World Cup Games Live on Justin.tv

Watch live video from ROLEX_TV on Justin.tv

access= London Zoo

access code = f1


  1. Oh man... woke up to watch the race, looked on axis and it seemed there was no live feed... back to sleep...

    Now I come back to read the LH "article" and i see the last line that states...live feed....fuck...

    Thats absurd and unacceptable he would want to be an actor... b\c god knows 95% of the world would not want to be a movie star....lol.... a desk job is ever ones dream!!!

  2. well, having seen his interpretation of Peter Pan, I'm pretty sure he's kidding....

    then again I think he might try out for the lead in that Ayrton Senna bio-pic :o)

  3. He acted his ass off his rookie year, pretending that he was just some nice kid looking to learn F1 from the masters. He just found himself out of character a few times when the radio was on.

    I'd say that based on his performance in Turkey today, he may want to check out some community theater near Woking.

  4. AC is so transparent in his hatred of the F1 ink blot it's unbeliveable. Can't wait to get F1 back to it's purity eh?

    Hey...by the way, how's the Kimster doing? Since Felipe gifted him the Championship, I guess he just stopped trying aye, cause his own team mate has handed him his ASS since then. Must make your Kimster wet dreams burn.


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