June 30, 2009

Ferrari 288 GTO by Jojo Cence



  1. I have an issue of a Magazine/book called "Ferrarissima" with a review written by Paul Frere, all tech drawings... juicy stuff. I should scan an post some of it sometimes.

  2. Toughest looking Ferrari ever! Love this car!

  3. @AC - Man, what could be better?! A book about the 288 *and* some writing from Paul Frere! I may just have to get a copy! Based on this post I went digging through the archives (my photo box) and found pictures I took of the first 288 I ever witnessed. It was discretely parked near the treeline at a Lime Rock event (probably Vintage Fest'. IIRC. This would have been in the late '80s ('87-'88?). Anyway, thanks for rekindling my lust for this beaut'!!


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