June 19, 2009

An easy way out...

There is of course an easy way out of the current F1 crisis: next Wednesday the FIA's world council can announce what it should have announced last year: that it will drag Max Mosley out of the building no matter how deeply his fingernails gouge into his desk as they pull.

Mosley has put the conflict on a personal level with di Montezemolo and John Howett (or Toyota). The money men won't stand for hissy fits and personal vendettas, faced with the choice between a Mosley in denial and the combined commercial value of Ferrari, Renault, Mercedes, BMW and Toyota, Lewis Hamilton, Alonso and now Button, it's going to be like that scene in the Godfather... "leave the gun, take the cannoli".

Nobody will much care about the 2009 British GP, a shame because Silverstone is one badass old school f1 track. Here are some highlights from Friday practice.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. And I thought the driver only had trouble seeing the front wing of his OWN car this year...

  2. HAHA Sutil vs Parking.

    I thought they were gonna push the car further into the garage why did they stop. Guys used to goin 150mph and he expects things to move at his pace.

  3. Great stuff, hilarious moment with Sutil.
    Great song too, who's the artist?


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