May 26, 2009

More Nürburgring 24 hr Rennen clips

Sit beck relax and enjoy, you can never have too much of this!

Here are the first 10 minutes. more after the jump.

( the cheesy music was likely on the original broadcast...)


  1. Great videos! Perfect warmup for next weekends Terroristen-fahren!!

    Watch out for the Axis Cars circling Grune Holle!

  2. Shame there isn't more footage of the Manthey GT3 RSR (#1) and the Osram Ford GT racing each other for the first few laps. I watched the first hour or so from Flugplatz and the first 5 laps seemed pretty intense for the few seconds you could see them, until something happened to the GT anyway (i understand a BMW tagged it???) and it came around about 5 minutes after the porka with black gaffa tape on the front n/s bumper

  3. Yeah, that was nuts, you see some of that on the other post below and on the first clip here. They were going at it like it was a 20 minute sprint!


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