May 13, 2009

Bermuda Bimmer May 10, 2009 by AC



  1. what do you think of this car? i've seen tons of them in Italy, and i like it, hoping that someday they would sell it in the states, but alas, the US seems to have an aversion to premium hatches (i've never believed it). neverthelss, i still think it's a cool car and i like it better than the coupe sold here.

  2. I have fond memories of Bermuda (back in the 70's as a child); would love to go back and have a 1-series to play with there.

    Roads (what little of them) still nice, AC?

  3. Ugh, first this then pictures of Monaco next weekend!

  4. After the initial shock, I don't mind the way it looks, but then again I drive an MCoupe :)

    It looks odd but I think it's a better design than the coupe which looks like a bit of an afterthought. The 335 engine makes it a bit nose heavy, the ideal would be a nice high strung and light turbo 4....and a real LSD!

    Roads in Bermuda are nice but it's not a place for driving, I was surprised to see many BMWs Z4, 1 series, even 3 series as well as old e30s. Good place to get low milage right hand drive cars I guess...

  5. I just got back from the Caribbean - only bimmers I could find was an E60 5er, E36 'vert and an "M325is" that was murdered out. Obviously, I was on the wrong island!

  6. 335 engine makes it nose heavy??? That says "118i" on the rear... I don't get it.


  7. The 118i is a dog of a car, had on good respect from a friend who (here in the UK) got one as company car vehicle.

    In the 9 months they've had it, it has been back to the garage for 5 major failures while driving, 2 factory recalls for equipment, and 3 'minor' issues. When it drives well, it's very good; but at any point in time, it may fail - anything from loss of power (at one point, failing to go above 60MPH, no matter the gearing), to complete failure to work. BMW are inept - they insist that, "The computer says it is working", therefore it is OK, when infact it is obviously (And audibly) not working - the audible bit is because it's chugging like a bad tractor engine.

    Another friend has one and hasn't had such catastrophic issues, but has had continuous clutch sensing issues - it seems the whole, "Drive by wire" system is somewhat erratic.

    I'd avoid if I were you ;)

  8. What it has a "drive by wire"clutch? I don't think so... and Freep I meant 135....335....same engine and you knew what I mean.

    I would guess the 1.8 engine is best economy


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