April 20, 2009

One Corvette, three suits

GM is on the edge of bankruptcy and Bertone was not in the best of health so let's hope that the twitter driven PR effort for Jason Castriota's latest creation, the ZR-1 based Stile Bertone Mantide, helps both. They deserve it.

Everyone is talking about this car, I was curious about Axis readers thoughts on it. The design goals are ambitious, one is cutting 250lbs off the 3300lbs ZR-1 making it lighter than the Z06. The second is for the car to break the Nürburgring lap "record".

The Mantide is not the only "fuoriserie" based on the C6 platform, Zagato has one called the Parana Z One and SpadaConcepts was out with the Codatronca last year.

Notice the tendency towards a large hatch design in all three of these cars. This is a design trend which is taking hold and you will see more of in the next few years, from the Porsche Panamera to the BMW 5 series GT to the upcoming Ferrari Scaglietti replacement, a 4wd Bentley GT fighter codenamed F151.



  1. anyone knows of a pic of the Mantide with the doors open?... the cut seems to go deep into the roof line, i would like to see that as a desing student...

    but seriously, id rather have the corvette at 1/10th of the price, i find this car... interesting, but not beautiful

  2. they will probably add more pics on their web site...

  3. Strange seeing wheel well that are emphatically not round eh?

  4. i had high hopes for the bertone, but was kinda disappointed. the front and side look ridiculous, and not in a good way, but i do like the back...in a weird way.

  5. really... i actually liked only the side view... its VERY unique... and that is very hard to obtain now a days in car desing, the wheel well, the "faded" vents in the front arch... i quite liked that feature...

    but the car overall is just too much... this is a true example of "less is more"... there are just so many little details

  6. There are two things I like about this car: the side profile and the headlights. The rest of the car is a failure in every respect.

  7. Does the rear view look like an angry goldfish on steroids to anyone else? :o)

    The cool thing about the car is the full FIA cage, +30% in downforce and 100kg less than the ZR1...


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