April 3, 2009

Malaysian GP preview with telemetry.

A nice feature of the new Ferrari web site are lap guides for every track on the calendar with access to selectable telemetry and commentary from test driver Marc Gene.

What I find most interesting here is the difference in driving style between Massa and Raikkonen evidenced by their telemetry throttle traces from 2008. Kimi always brakes earlier but is consistently able to get to full throttle sooner. Raikkonen's trace is green, Massa's in yellow.



  1. Kimi is faster at beginning of lap, that's why i seems to break and accelerate sooner, but in fact he is at different position for a given time.

  2. At the start of 2008 Massa went off and spun the car a bunch just as traction control was removed. I think he had adapted his driving style too much to the TC. He obviously improved as the season progressed. The graph looks to me like Kimi has more confidence applying the throttle. I bet if you looked the data for 2009 Massa would be closer or equal to Kimi in throttle application.

    Either way, that is a really cool feature.

  3. Well, it's true we know too little to make any definitive comments, who knows what laps those are and especially if they a under the same conditions. It is amusing to speculate though. Reminds me a bit of that famous Schumacher documentary from his Renault days with Johnny Herbert as "the other guy".

  4. According to the website, the telemetry was taken from the race and were only one lap apart, (Massa lap 38 Kimi lap 37). This should mean that their fuel loads would be about the same and the conditions nearly identical.


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