April 1, 2009

How to McGyver a bent Integra.

Things were pretty wet and wild down at VIR for the NASA races this past week end. In monsoon conditions, a few bent cars were to be expected.

It was a two day event and nothing was going to keep John Whitaker and his Acura Integra from competing on day two, certainly not a bent frame and few crunched body panels.

NASA racers lent a hand, Stee his tow straps, Eric Wong his expertise in bodywork. Add a few cases of beer and a pair heavy 4x4 and there you go, it soon buffed right out and John was racing on Sunday!

Commentary on this video by the inimitable and, at the time, highly lubricated "The Dough" may in fact contain an f-bomb...play accordingly...



  1. Are we doing it yet, is it working?

    Also, Hamiltion got DQ'd, write an artice about it or something.

  2. True spirit of competition. I love it.

    I wish I could have gotten all the mud out of my convertible from Sunday's spin as easily.


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