April 18, 2009


Do yourself a favor, turn your speakers up. no I meant ALL the way up and play this clip.

It's the LeMans Classic and I would love to identify every car, so far I have:

Ferrari GTB4 Competizione
Corvette C3 Stingray
Alpine A110
Porsche 906
Porsche 914/6GT
Ford GT40
Bizzarrini GT America
Corvette Stingray
2x Porsche 906
Lola T212
Porsche 908
Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2
Ford Mustang Shelby 350
Porsche 906
Lola T70 Coupe
Chevron B8
Lola T212?
Ferrari Dino 246 GT
Piper GTR
Ford Shelby Mustang 350
Alpine Renault A220
Alpine Renault A210 LeMans
2x Lola T70
Porsche 917
Lola T70

Help fill in/correct! ( I think, with your help, we got them all, good job!



  1. after the first lola t70, it's not a marcos. it's a chevron b8. ^^

  2. good call! so then the one after the Alpine is a Chevron as well?

  3. Its so sad that these days have gone by. There will never be a time in motorsports better then the late 60's early 70's. The golden age has come and gone and I was born 24 years to late to see it :(

  4. please check http://www.thepiperclub.org.uk/gtrspec.html

    The green car behind the Dino is a Piper GTR which competed in le mans 1969.

  5. The first A220 alpine is followed by a A210 alpine (1965 le mans) see picture : http://www.renaultoloog.nl/overige_races_alpine_a210_le_mans_1965_copier.jpg

  6. The red car behind 2 porsche 906 is a lola T212
    so is the car in front of the dino.


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