March 10, 2009

Top Gear's Influence...again

We commented before on how pervasive Top Gear's look has become in everything automotive. Now cool means graduated filter, crane shots and if you can fit it some snarky humor.

BMW had a very TG looking video for their BMW Performance Parts teaser where a 335 and a 135 slid around a damp and ominously lit airfield track.

Audi instead decided to mimic one of the innumerable Top Gear challenges, GT-r vs Bullet train, Veyron vs Airplane etc. Sadly the result is more dating video than Top Gear greatness.

(via ForumDelleCapre)



  1. TG sucks. I can't believe how diluted and inane their content has become. BBC please dump the Stig et. al. and bring us 5th gear and Tiff.

  2. I liked this bit better when it was Hammond racing some para-skier's in a RS6 wagon...

  3. "Al the curmudgeon", that's an interesting opinion. I think 5th gear is just as good, but to say that "TG sucks" probably indicates that you ate mentaly unstable!


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