March 26, 2009

Rolling Canvas

What a treat to see these car up close after years of ogling pictures of them. The Frank Stella CSL is my favorite.

Well worth a trip to Gran Central in New York City over the next few weeks. Check out the rest of the pictures after the jump...


  1. oh sweet, i'm going to NYC tomorrow and i didn't know about this. definitely going to check it out.

  2. This is a GREAT show art/show art .... lol .. saw thsi in Rio in 95 I believe ... I wish I was in NY ....


  3. Arrggh, I was there today but didn't have time to stop by! I'll have to find an excuse for another trip to the city soon.

  4. saw it all yesterday, and it was fantastic. some pics i took:

    you can probably tell the Lichtenstein was my favorite.


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