March 10, 2009

Love the Beast

Who knew? Are we going to find out Dr. Phil is a petrolhead? Maybe not but props to Eric Bana who obviously is.

Both Freep and I have kept cars for WAY longer than most of our friends thought we ever should so this will get a thumbs up from at least two of the Axis!

Love the Beast is opening this month somewhere, probably not near you.

(thanks to Mrs AC for the tip!)



  1. My email enquiry to the folks at Madman Entertainment regarding a N.American release has remained unanswered to date...

    It looks *very* promising as a film.

  2. "probably the most dangerous form of motor-racing" .... yup, them gum trees are really hard and have taken out some very good drivers (Brock), if this comes out in the US I'll go see it for sure, otherwise we'll have to wait for it to come out on DVD and mail-order it from Oz...


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