March 30, 2009

Lamborghini Super Trofeo GTR

Essentially, Lamborghini's version of Spec e30 !

Here is Lamborghini München's entry testing at Monza recently

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Specifications

Configuration 90º V 10
Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
Construction aluminum alloy block and head
Displacement 5.204 liter / 317.6 cu in
Bore / Stroke 84.5 mm (3.3 in) / 92.8 mm (3.7 in)
Compression 12.5:1
Valvetrain 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC
Fuel feed Direct fuel injection
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated

Chassis/body aluminum body panels over aluminum spaceframe
Suspension (fr/r) double wishbones, anti-dive and anti-squat self adjusting dampers, anti-roll bar
Steering rack-and-pinion, power assisted
Brakes steel or carbon ceramic vented discs, all-round, ABS
Gearbox Paddle Operated 6 speed Automatic
Drive All wheel drive

Weight 1300 kilo / 2866 lbs

Performance figures
Power 570 bhp / 425 KW
BHP/Liter 110 bhp / liter
Power to weight 0.44 bhp / kg


  1. Forget about GT3s or Scuderias!!
    this would be the coolest track toy if it were available to the public.

    2WD hardcore modern Lamborghini.... Just beautiful!!

  2. It is available to the public (for a modest fee) but it's 4WD

  3. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., commonly referred to as Lamborghini, is an Italian manufacturer of sports cars, based in the small Italian village of Sant'Agata Bolognese, near Bologna. The company was founded in 1963 by businessman Ferruccio Lamborghini, who owned a successful tractor factory, Lamborghini Trattori.

  4. ...yes im sure none of the people who visit this site knew what a lamborghini was... thank you dent removal...

  5. oh.. to AC... CGI means that its a computer animated video... IE. not real

  6. the video doesnt look like CGI... i would say its more HD and heavy PostPro... its racetrack footage with people walking around... would be too expensive in 3D.... trust me ;).

    but hey this car is awesome! i wish i could drive it on the roads... 200.000€ plus V.A.T. seems fair compared to a Murcielago...


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