March 14, 2009

Formula 1: Classic Moments from the last 30 years

In the UK, Formula 1 returns to BBC after a long absence, here is one of the promo shorts released in the buildup to the 2009 season opener in Melbourne.

Hard to pick a favorite here, but I will have to go with Fernando Alonso's outside pass on Schumacher on the outside of Suzuka's 130R.



  1. Great vid. I Like Senna and Mansell Spain 91 - Vapor trails and sparks, wheel to wheel @ 190!

  2. yes, I vote for bringing back sparks!

  3. Where's the Jos V BBQ?

  4. This video makes me sad I only got into F1 in '06. So many great moments & drivers that I missed... Two quick thoughts on the video:

    1. Interesting to see Coulthard pull some great moves. As a newbie I'm used to him causing wrecks not making passes.

    2. Is that really the only Massa moment they could find? Seriously? Not his amazing start in Hungary or his double pass in Canada? Instead they pick the one of him pulling the fuel house down the pits... No respect...

  5. well, there is so much missing, Piquet's pass on Senna in Hungary for one... write the BBC to complin or just search our archives! ;O)

  6. for me it's Brazil 2006..... great great Michael


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